Call for Papers The 2014 Annual Meeting

Call for Papers
The 2014 Annual Meeting of
the Japan Society for Medieval European Studies (JSMES)
at Doshisha University

The 2014 annual meeting of the Japan Society for Medieval European Studies will be held on 21st and 22nd of June 2014 at Doshisha University (Imadegawa Campus) in Kyoto. The Program Committee invites proposals for papers (25 minutes in Japanese or English) on topics of medieval studies. Any member of the JSMES (or Medieval Association of the Pacific) may submit a paper proposal.

The proposal must have
(1) the proposer’s personal and contact information (the proposer’s name, professional status, e-mail address, postal address, fax and telephone numbers, and paper title),
(2) the proposer’s list of publications and conference papers, and
(3) the proposer’s 250 words abstract.

Proposals should be submitted to Prof. Shunji Oguro, chairman of the Program Committee, by email (“office.jsmes@gmail.com”).
The deadline is 29 November 2013. Decisions will be announced by the end of January 2014.

Medieval European Studies no.4(2012)


Angels in the Middle Ages

  • 〈Opening Remarks〉Introduction. Shunichi IKEGAMI
  • 〈Articles:〉 Towards the Ontology of Angels. Ryosuke INAGAKI
  • 〈Articles:〉 Visitation of Angels in the Middle Ages. Shunichi IKEGAMI
  • 〈Articles:〉 Physicality of Angels: The Cult of Angels and their Images in Medieval Art. Momo KANAZAWA
  • 〈Articles:〉 Interface of the Heaven and the Earth: An Interdisciplinary Survey on the Angel Musician. Naruo YAMAMOTO
  • 〈Articles:〉 The Transformation of the “Angelic Lady” in Medieval Italian Literature: From Sicilian School and Dolce Stil Novo towards Betrice. Mariko MURAMATSU
  • 〈Articles:〉 The Image of Angels and Renaissance Neo-Platonism: Alchemical and Gnostic interpretation in Leonardo’s art. Hidehiro IKEGAMI


  •  A Hidden Real Mother: Social Concern that is projected to Rappresentazione di Moisè e Faraone re d’Egitto. Hiroaki SUGIYAMA
  •  Erasmus as a Successor to the Middle Ages: A Focus on the Debates in the 1520s. Yuichi KAWANO


  • Plague in the European Middle Ages. Lester K. LITTLE
  • Lecture “Plague in the European Middle Ages”(Lester K. LITTLE). Naruo YAMAMOTO, Rina GOTO

Brief Notices


  • The Middle Ages and the Renaissance: Continuities and Discontinuities. Hiroaki ITO
  • The JSMES Seminar for Young Researchers 2011. Yuichi AKAE

The Fourth JSMES Annual Conference 2012 at Keio University

The Fourth Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Medieval European Studies 2012 is being held at Keio University (Central Tokyo) on 23 and 24 June. On Saturday 23 June, five papers are to be read from various disciplines related to medieval studies. On the Saturday evening, a reception is scheduled. On Saturday Keio University library also invites the participants to the special exhibition of medieval manuscripts from its holdings. On Sunday, after a poster session in the morning, a symposium titled ‘The Middle Ages and Renaissance’ is to be held. All papers are given in the Japanese language.


Saturday 23 June

  • 14:00-14:45 Sayaka TSUNEKI, ‘The Shifting Image of Queen Isabel of Edward II in Contemporary Chronicles’
  • 14:45-15:30 Yayoi KINUGASA, ‘Transformation of the Icons of the Virgin and the Child in Fifteenth-Century Venice: Focusing on the Production and Circulation of Icons by Cretan Artists’
  • 15:30-16:15 Yoichi KAJIWARA, ‘Transition of the Dominican Education in the Fifteenth Century: The Case of the Collège de Notre-Dame de la Pitié in Avignon’
  • 16:15-16:30 Tea Time
  • 16:30-17:15 Asami MIURA, ‘Canonization and Reburial of St Elisabeth in the Thirteenth Century: The Birth and Development of a Cult of a Saint’
  • 17:15-18:00 Yuichi KAWANO, ‘Successor of the Medieval Culture: Erasmus in the Disputes in 1520s’
  • 18:15-20:00 Reception

Sunday 24 June

  • 9:00-10:45 Poster Session (22 posters)
  • 11:00-16:30 Symposium : The Middle Ages and Renaissance
    • Yo TOKUHASHI, ‘Book Dealers as a Cultural Hub’
    • Kanako IDE, ‘Continuations and Creations in Paintings of Pero de Cosimo’
    • Yoshiko KOBAYASHI, ‘Purification of Memory and Creation of English Literature: Antiquarians in the Early Tudor Period’
    • Kuninobu Sakamonto, ‘Great Chain of Being on the Move: The Theory of “The Best of All Possible Worlds” in the Middle Ages and Renaissance’
    • Hiroaki ITO, ‘The Fate of Sibyl: From Quoduultdeus to Giordano Orsini’

For MAP members

Members of the Medieval Association of the Pacific can participate in the conference without paying entry fee. Please contact the JSMES office.

Annual Conference 2012

Annual Conference 2012
June 23,24, 2012

Keio Juniversity, Mita Campus, Tokyo, Japan.

Further information will be announced in the JSMES Home page soon.

Medieval European Studies no.3(2011)


Reading Images in the Middle Ages

  • 〈Opening Remarks〉Reading Images in the Middle Ages. Takami MATSUDA
  • 〈Articles:〉 Text and the Generation of Imagery in the Beatus Commentaries –”Silence n Heaven” and “Seven Angels with Trumpets” (Apoc.8: 1-5). Fujino
  • 〈Articles:〉 Metamorphosis of the Santiago Matamoros. Chiharu FUKUI
  • 〈Articles:〉 Reconsideration on the “Temple Curtain” in Hortus Deliciarum: Reading Visibility / Invisibility of Image. Motokazu KIMATA
  • 〈Articles:〉 Adorned Virtues. –Imagination and Habitus in the Didactic Literature of German Middle Ages. Yoshiki KODA
  • 〈Articles:〉 Unwritten Text — A Study of Blank Speech Scrolls in The Tapestry of the Apocalypse at Angers. Ayumi YOKOYAMA
  • 〈Articles:〉 Beholding Text for Devotion: Functions of Image in BL MS Additional 37049. Takami MATSUDA


  •  Research on the First Christian Monuments of Marseille and Their Liturgical Apparatus. Yumi NARASAWA
  •  Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Nun: — Some Thoughts on the Veneration of the Saint Seen through a Fourteenth-Century Parisian Manuscript Illumination. Mitsue KUROIWA
  •  The Relationship between Time and the Soul in the 14th Century. –Ockham and Buridan. Nobuhiro TSUJIUCHI

Brief Notices


  • Europe and Islam: Translation of Culture. Yoshihisa YAMAMOTO
  • An Account of the JSMES Seminar for Young Researchers 2010. Naruo YAMAMOTO
  • JSMES’s liaison with MAP, 2011. Keizou ASAJI
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