Our Society aims for the cultivation of mutual friendship among researchers nationwide in order to promote medieval European studies extending over history, literature, philosophy, art, music and other fields in Japan. For this aim, the society provides various places for discussion by researchers who have common interests or subjects over disciplinary boundaries. The fruits of these activities should be presented in the journal and at the symposium of its annual meeting, which are intended for the advancement of the studies as well as the development of interdisciplinary collaboration. The Society is devoted to the medieval European studies in the broadest sense of the term whereby Byzantine, Islamic, late Antiquity and early Modern studies may be also included.

The membership is open to professional researchers, postgraduate students and nonprofessional researchers alike. It is desired that the academic education, which is facing difficulties in isolated situation, will become more productive as it is carried out beyond the boundaries of each university or institution. We also think the interexchange with overseas researchers and organizations as one of our important tasks and therefore would like to provide more opportunities for the lectures by cutting-edge researchers invited from abroad, to publish the results of those lectures to wide readers, and to support Japanese researchers to get involved with the academic organizations abroad.

The Society’s annual meeting, held in June every year, will present symposium with an appealing topic. The journal, which is published once a year, will include feature articles, papers, recent publication news, a list of the Society member’s published work and so on. The website will offer the latest news on medieval European studies as well as information for and from the members. It is planned that the pages accessed only by registered members will be added to the website in the future.

The Committee of the Japan Society for Medieval European Studies