Medieval European Studies no.1 (2009)


  • Preface. Shoichi SATO

Symposium “Medieval European Studies in the 21th Century”

  • 〈Keynote Speech〉How was Concept of Middle Ages Invented? Koichi KABAYAMA

〈Invited Talks〉

  •  The Spirit of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance –For the Profound Reconsideration of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance. Takashi JINNO
  •  Holy Meidicine and the Late Medieval Spirituality –Henry of Lancaster’s Le Livre de Seyntz Medicines. Naoë KUKITA YOSHIKAWA
  •  Studies in Medieval Music –Its Past and Present. Teruhiko NASU
  •  Medieval Art History in the 21th Century. Midori TSUZUMI
  •  Theories of the Emotions in Medieval Philosophy Shiro YAMAUCHI


  •  Ecclesial Documents of Family Documents? –A “Genetic” Study of the Cathedral Archive of Urgell from the Ninth to the Eleventh Century. Takashi ADACHI
  •  Notated Music in the Codex Calixtinus –Polyphonic Notator and a Green Line. Makiko HIRAI
  •  Prayers and Vision in Early Flemish Paintings –An Essay on the Function of Images in the Late Medieval Christian Society Sumiko IMAI
  •  Reading Marks in the Books Owned by the Syon Nuns. Satoko TOKUNAGA
  •  The Recent Trend in the Study of Medieval Philosophy. Yoshihisa YAMAMOTO


  • An Account of JSMES’s Seminar for Young Researchers. Yoichi KAJIWARA
  • A Pair of Birds with the Fountain of Life: or How Our Logo Came into Life. Momoe Kanazawa